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Support The SAFE Center

El Centro Tuscaloosa SAFE es una organización 501(c)(3) reconocida por el gobierno federal que está
financiada por la generosidad de individuos, corporaciones, pequeñas empresas, fundaciones,
estudiantes y organizaciones cívicas/sociales/comunitarias. Cada contribución, independientemente del
tamaño, nos ayuda a lograr nuestra misión de proporcionar exámenes forenses a aquellos que han sido
agredidos sexualmente.


Cada dólar que recibimos se usa cuidadosamente, y su donación es deducible de impuestos en la
medida permitida por la ley. Su donación asegurará que cada paciente que venga al Centro SAFE reciba
atención y apoyo de calidad, y usted puede hacer su donación por correo, teléfono o en línea.


Cada sobreviviente de agresión sexual merece una oportunidad de seguir adelante, y su donación
deducible de impuestos al Centro Tuscaloosa SAFE hará que esto sea una realidad. Cada regalo hace una


To make a secure donation online, please click here.
Venmo: TSC-1601
Amazon Wishlist


Download this printable form and mail your donation to The Tuscaloosa SAFE Center, 1601 University Blvd. East, Suite 150 Tuscaloosa, AL 35404



You may call the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center at 205-860-7233, and one of our staff members will be delighted to assist you with your donation.

More Ways to Give


Be a SAFE Center Ambassador by becoming a monthly donor. Click here to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

You can also give monthly to TSC by using our PayPal information and selecting a monthly giving. Click Here!  


Contact your company’s human resources director for procedures on matching gifts…or help your company establish a matching gifts program if you don’t have one.


Provide us with the full name of the donor, mailing address, stock and number of shares, and contact person with a daytime phone number and our representative will facilitate transfers of securities to our account.


Leave a lasting legacy by including the SAFE Center in your will. Please consult a qualified attorney or tax representative to advise you.

Other Ways to Support


Patients must often leave their clothing as part of the forensic exam. Therefore, there is a critical need for new, clean replacement clothing for male and female patients. We need sports bras, pants (e.g., leggings, sweats, etc.), men's boxers (color: white), and hygiene items.


After the forensic exam is complete, patients often want something to eat or drink. Bottled water, Gatorade/Powerade, and individually-wrapped snacks (such as cookies, crackers, nuts) are needed and can be delivered to the SAFE Center between 8:30 am-4:30 pm.


Business, schools, and clubs can make an impact by hosting fundraisers on behalf of the SAFE Center. Contact us about setting up a support agreement for your event.


By inviting a representative from the SAFE Center to speak to your company, church, or civic/social club, you can help us raise awareness of the SAFE Center and the impact we are making in the community.

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