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Cumplimiento de la ley


It's never too late to report. Know your options.

The Tuscaloosa SAFE Center helps to navigate through issues regarding reporting options and law enforcement involvement. Please call with any questions at (205) 860-7233 FIRST before contacting local law enforcement unless you want to fully report.

We recognize that reporting is confusing. Did you know that until you have reached the age of 18 you no longer have a choice in your reporting options? As mandatory reporters, we are mandated to report to law enforcement for anyone that comes to the center under the age of 18. We ask that you call prior to coming into the center for any forensic medical examinations or other services. 

If you are undecided about involving law enforcement in your case, please let us help you navigate through your choices.


Full reporting WILL include law enforcement. This means you will be filing a formal report. 

The report will typically be taken here at TSC where the survivor will only be asked to tell there story once for the SANE and LE.


A forensic examination will be provided with the intent of one day involving law enforcement. Law enforcement will NOT be contacted until the survivor reports they are ready. The case will not be pursued for prosecution until this time.


The SANE will make sure your body is medically safe, medications will be provided, and referrals will be made if you would like. 

Law enforcement will NEVER be involved with this reporting option.


If you are a college student you have rights that also span on the university campus. You can contact your local Title IX office for your options of reporting on-campus.


Law Enforcement

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